Welcome to Versatta Kilts!

Posted by Kaia Marie on 1st Dec 2023

Welcome to Versatta Kilts!

Welcome to Versatta Kilts, a streamlined kilt buying experience brought to you by our parent company Verillas.

Right now, Versatta is still under construction in many ways, but we wanted our long standing Verillas fam to be able to follow along as we refine and improve the kilts and customer service experience they’ve come to know and love since our founding in 2013. If you’re new to the kilt wearing and buying experience, welcome! We cannot wait to show you all the exciting new changes that will be happening over the next few months.

Why the split and new name? Verillas has spent the past 10+ years providing fashion for the goth, alternative, and LGBTQ+ communities, but as our ambition and warehouse have grown, so has our audience. Now we have customers that are looking for a more focused experience where they can get alerts about sales and new releases that pertain to their specific interests rather than everything offered on the Verillas website.

What does this mean for the actual purchasing experience? Not as many changes as you’d think. You’ll still click on the “Kilt” tab on the Verillas website, but before the end of the year you can expect to be redirected to this new website, VersattaKilts.com when purchasing a kilt. Customers will also notice new Versatta branding rolling out slowly, starting with a change to the sew in tags and paper retail tags on all kilts. In short, from packaging to the final product, Versatta will become the new face of all Verillas kilt designs.

We are so grateful to all of our long standing customers and supporters for being with us thus far, and we cannot wait to show all the newcomers what we and your future kilts will be made of. Here’s to an amazing new start!