Versatta Inverted Hybrid Knee-Length Cargo Kilt - Wintergrey & Black

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Made with a tailored waist for a nice fit just above feminine hips.

This sexy take on a kilt wears like an adventurer's version of a pleated mini skirt.  Wind gust resistant thanks to the heavy weight cotton fabric, durable, and ready for a fantasy femme every day style that lasts for years.  Don't settle for the cheap stuff.

What's even better? The massively adjustable comfort waist.  Another Versatta original design concept is the partial elastic back in the waist paired with a hook and loop front closure. Whether you just ripped a set at the gym, or just downed an entire pizza complete with a pitcher of beer, the hidden stretch panel in the back will keep you comfortable.  The adjustability and modular pocket design is what makes a Versatta product special. 

Inclusive Sizing is very important to us. If you don't see your size in stock, email us about custom work.

Care Instructions: 

You can cold wash, hang dry, and iron our kilts and get 5 years of wear out of them, but they last for decades if you dry clean.  Made from 100% cotton canvas. 

Versatta Kilts should last a long time. We guarantee them free from manufacturing defects like loose stitching, tears, or failing pocket snaps. If you have any problems with your kilt in the first 14 days, return and exchange are free. What we don't cover: Punctures, damage from rough surfaces like concrete, anything with an odor such as cigarette smoke, pet damage, theft, loss, damage from food or liquids, fire, etc. are excluded. We only replace kilts that fail due to faulty parts or the occasional mistake in workmanship.