Versatta Unicornblood Tartan Hybrid Cargo Kilt - Special Edition

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This variation of a Versatta Cargo Kilt features a dual colorway that we like to call a "hybrid kilt".  It takes a lot more resources to make, but these kilts look amazing and still go with so many different styles of top. This particular hybrid features our Unicorn Blood Tartan.

The Versatta series kilt is a rugged alternative to pants with a massively adjustable waist.  Whether you just ripped a set at the gym, or just downed an entire pizza complete with a pitcher of beer, the hidden stretch panel in the back will keep you comfortable. Our kilts also feature removable pockets (yes we sell both canvas and leather pocket upgrades as well as pockets with embroidered icons of all types to personalize your kilt).  The adjustability and modular pocket design is what makes a Versatta product special.  Our Versatta products allow you to affordably accessorize one staple kilt so that you can wear it in a lot of different ways to a lot of different occasions. We have a kilt size that should fit anyone - Inclusive Sizing is a huge mission for Versatta. If you don't see your size in stock, send us an email at

We use top quality 20oz cotton-canvas fabric that is made to stand up to even the most rough and tough activity. We custom make the fabric so that our kilts are consistently more comfortable and more durable than most competitors without weighing so much that they are uncomfortable.  

Other Features:
Includes a set of 2 removable cargo pockets. Our pockets use military style pocket technology so that virtually any tactical gear will translate to mounting on our kilts.  You can find other pocket options to change your loadout using the Molle webbing system here:   Kilt Accessories

Need a little more room? Our hook & loop closure will grow or shrink with you. We advertise a four inch range for best fit, but these kilts still look flattering with up to 6" of waist variation before you might ever need to consider a new size.  

Our kilts are made to work with 2.5" wide belts (not your standard jeans belt) but they do not require a belt to fit comfortably and look amazing. 

Some kilts such as this one are listed as mens. Why? They have a straight waist that fits masculine figures of all sizes based on popular demand and tradition (20" and longer kilt lengths).  Womens kilts (19" and shorter lengths) have tailored waists made for hips that are wider than your true waist.  You can order a longer women's kilt by emailing, but we have found that the shorter kilts look better on all genders with the tailored waist.

No kilt is complete without accessorizing properly! Check out our selection of Belts, Sporrans, and more!

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Care Instructions: 
You can cold wash, hang dry, and iron our kilts, but they last for decades if you maintain them and dry clean.  Made from 100% 20oz cotton canvas with 100% Acrylic Wool Pleats.

Versatta Kilts should last a long time. We guarantee them free from manufacturing defects like loose stitching, tears, or failing pocket snaps. If you have any problems with your kilt in the first 14 days, return and exchange are free. What we don't cover: Punctures, damage from rough surfaces like concrete, anything with an odor such as cigarette smoke, pet damage, theft, loss, damage from food or liquids, fire, etc. are excluded. We only replace kilts that fail due to faulty parts or the occasional mistake in workmanship.